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Weekly Session

Everything comes down to what we do at 6 PM every Friday.

For corporate sessions, members attempt to arrive at the fair value of a stock over the time span of 2 weeks.
During the first week, members evaluate and identify trends in relevant industries with regard to the position of the target company. We go through financial statements to identify risks and strengths.
If the first week focuses on understanding the past, the following week concentrates on projecting the future. We will project the company's 3 statements based on all the information gathered and digested the week before. Then we will employ the DCF, public comparable and precedent transaction analyses to propose the fair value of the target's stock.

For market sessions, we are more flexible. Topics range from various pricing strategies of financial products, interest rate movements and FX movements to the impact of social/political events on financial markets, indices, portfolio management and so on. 

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