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Our Select History


8 Nov

FCRC CFRC Joint Session at Korea University
Speaker : Cho, Sangwook (Head of IBD, Morgan Stanley, Seoul)

1 Nov

Yoo, Hyelin (Alumni, Daewoo Secuirities) "Equity Research"
Lee, Sukjoon (Alumni, Morgan Stanley) "Equity Sales & Trading"
Kim, Kanghoo (Alumni, Franklin Templeton) "Macro Economy"

4 Oct

Yoo, Jihoon (Alumni,Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management) "Alternative Investment"

13 Sep ~ 14 Sep

Fall MT: 13th IFRAian Welcoming Party

11 Sep ~ 16 Sep

13th IFRAian Recruitment

8 Jun

CFRC Joint Session at Yonsei University

9 May

FCRC Joint Session at Korea University

29 Mar

Kim, Dae Ho (Alumni, Barclays Capital) “FICC Sales & Trading”

16 Mar ~ 17 Mar

Spring MT: 11th IFRAian Welcoming Party

10 Mar ~ 15 Mar

11th IFRAian Recruitment


2 Nov

FCRC, CFRC Joint Session at SNU

10 Sep

Waseda Hirota Seminar at Korea University

7 Sep

10th IFRAian Welcoming Session

8 Jun

Final Session: Stock Pitch Competition

1 Jun

Special Session: Kim, Seok Bong (Executive Director, CitiBank)
Join-Session with CFRC

10 May

Joint Session with Finance Case Research Club (FCRC. Seoul National Univ.)

17 ~ 18 Mar

Spring MT: 9th General  Welcoming Party

10 ~ 16 Mar

9th IFRAian Recruitment

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