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These are the most frequently asked questions regarding our recruiting process and requirements.

How important is English?

Not as much as you think.

English is only a medium, and it is crucial for only select divisions here in Korea. All written materials will be in English, but much of the verbal communication will be held in Korean. Applicants will NOT be rejected for their English.

I am not familiar with finance or accounting.

Will this be a problem?

We can not emphasize more the negligibility of your prior knowledge. Many of our members had little to none financial and accounting knowledge before they joined us. At the end of the day, we are students and students should not be afraid to learn. We have structured and rigorous educational programs (morning sessions, ad-hoc modeling sessions, etc.) to help you along the way.

Do I have to participate in IFRA for two ‘consecutive’ semesters?


Many of our members leave for internships, exchange programs, tests and so on. But, of course, you are expected to return and fulfill both mandatory semesters

Can exchange students apply?


We have always accepted exchange students.

How heavy is the workload?

Our weekly sessions are held on Friday, which means you have the entire weekend to yourself (unlike other clubs that lead sessions on Saturday and/or Monday).

Also, we make sure everyone has at least 2 weeks to study prior to midterms and finals.

Which division in finance does IFRA focus on?

Please refer to the alumni and weekly session pages for your reference. Our curriculum and alumni network range from IBD (M&A, ECM, DCM), S&T (equity, FICC, derivatives), research (equity, macro, quant), alternative investments (real estate, infrastructure, VC, crypto-currency), PE, hedge funds and many more. You will have exposure to any division of your particular interest.

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