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Greetings from Professor Joonho Hwang

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Dear Reader,

Hello, I am Joonho Hwang, Professor of Finance at Korea University Business School

Since August 2013, I have served as the Academic Advisor of IFRA, where outstanding students gather and aspire to develop their careers in the investment banking industry.

IFRA is promising not just because its members are intellectually brilliant, but because they show a firm and professional attitude, crucial to becoming global leaders.

IFRA is an excellent place where you can start acting and thinking effectively about the financial market.

Thank you for your sincere interest in IFRA, and I would love to invite you on our journey to become financial experts. Last but not least, I wish you a fruitful time at IFRA: an experience that comes only when you are in the business of ‘Making the Impossible, Possible’.

Thank you.

Joonho Hwang
Assistant Professor of Finance
Korea University Business School
Seongbuk-gu, Anam-dong 5-Ga, Seoul, 136-701 Korea

Prof. Joonho Hwang

IFRA's Academic Adviser

Educational Background |


Finance (Minor in Mathematics), Indiana University, Bloomington IN


Management Engineering, KAIST, Seoul, Korea


Industrial Management, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea

Professional Record |


Assistant Professor, Finance, Korea University School


Professor, Finance, University of Memphish

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